Many EU projects are based on innovative technologies and cutting-edge hardware and software, but fail when it comes to adapting these technologies to real-world needs or communicating these needs effectively in an application or within the project. Whether in the fields of ICT, Security, Health, Transport or Energy, it is not enough to develop a better technology, it also needs to fit real needs of end users and of the general public, and be communicated effectively to the various target audiences. This is where Dramaworks comes in: we are the experts at developing the most effective communication strategy, dissemination strategy and their content.

Think of it as a television: the actual device itself would be useless hanging on your wall without the content that we can receive and watch on it. Your mobile phone would be of no use if you access any information with it. We at Dramaworks develop the ‘seam’ between technology and its users. For this, we use all the available media channels, including traditional internet, social media, mobile communication, and other forms of media and interpersonal communication. We create a powerful content and the most effective strategy to present it to the relevant target audiences of your project. We design and carry out dissemination strategies, develop and produce content for the internet, social media, mobile communication and all other relevant platforms. We also test, conduct pilots, assessments and real-world evaluations on new technology platforms and developments.

Today, the competition for EU projects is very fierce. Hundreds of applications are submitted but only a few in each topic are actually funded. The difference between getting a good grade and being funded is sometimes one point in the grade, or even half a point. By letting Dramaworks create your project content and dissemination strategy you are improving your chances of success and of being actually funded. Talk to us today to discuss your specific needs.