Crisis Communication

Another field we work on currently is the field of crisis communication and security. Since 2007, Dramworks has been developing the VidAlert concept of crisis communication. VidAlert is based on language-neutral symbols and video clips which enable rapid crisis communications via mobile phones and tablets using a minimal bandwidth to transfer and make available the right type of information for crisis response and recovery. The VidAlert concept is based on scientific research showing that at times of crisis, up to six times more information can be transmitted by picture, symbol or video than by plain text effectively. When crisis management crosses borders, language becomes a major barrier. The VidAlert system comes to bridge those critical first moments in alerting and providing information to first responders in a language-neutral way, then enabling them to request and acquire further, deeper information in their own language.

VidAlert is also very relevant to people of special needs. The elderly, children, or immigrants, who are often considered weaker parts of society and oftenmay have language difficulties or difficulties operating modern communication devices, are also those often more vulnerable to crisis and catastrophes. The inclusion of these people in the cycle of official communication and information substantially improves their chances of survival, rescue and overcoming the effects of the crisis. This concept stands at the base of Dramawork’s research and development in the field of crisis communication. We also work on a range of further topics relating to security, societal resilience, combating crime, border controls and counter terrorism.