Previous Projects

Recently, Dramaworks has developed for the mobile phone network provider O2, the fictional series “Nina’s World” as Mobile Content. Nina’s World became a huge success and more than a quarter of a million people regularly downloaded and viewed its 78 episodes on their mobile phones, making Nina’s World the most successful entertainment series for mobile communications in Germany ever.
This new innovative concept proved a very effective way to combine mobile and internet content: a million and a half people every month used Live Messenger to access Nina’s World episodes through the Internet.

Dramaworks has been very active in the field of European Union projects, within the FP6 and FP7 programs. We has extensive experience in working as part of European consortia and has been involved in several European projects, including ESPECTS (European Scriptwriting Programme / Evaluation & Curricula / Transfer & Standardisation): Pilot project for the programme LEONARDO DA VINCI (European thematic action for professional education) and COMEIN (FP7): Online Mobile Communities to Facilitate the Social Inclusion of Young Marginalised People.

We also worked closely with other European partners on developing their FP7 project applications, especially in creating content for their technological platforms, and developing an effective dissemination strategy. Many projects in the fields of ICT, Security, Transport, Energy and Health have great technological ideas and cutting-edge hardware but lack the real-world content to make the results of the project suitable for its real-world end users. This is where Dramaworks came in – we developed the ‘seam’ between technology and its users.