Seit dem 5. Forschungsrahmenprogramm ist Dramaworks Teil Forschungsprojekten (Espects/Leonardo da Vinci Programm, FP7) und Evaluationen im FP5 und 6 (ICT und Sciene and Society). Wir bieten in der europäischen Forschungsförderung optimal zugeschnittene Leistungen an.


Dramaworks gehört zu 50% CINE PLUS. Diese Kooperation mit den FX-Experten schon im frühen Stadium der Inhalte-erstellung ermöglicht die Realisierung von audiovisuellen Konzepten und kostengünstigen Umsetzungsstrategien.

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Ein besonderes Augenmerk liegt in der modernen zeitgemäßen Präsentation und Verbreitung von Forschungsprojekten, ihrer Ziele und Wirkungen. Dramaworks hat in der Vergangenheit mit verschiedenen Projekte umfangreiche Erfahrung in diesem Gebiet gesammelt, etwa durch unseren Dramafinder zur interaktiven Kommunikation (Erprobung und Evaluation anhand eigener Expertise) und dem Förderfinder (eine Orientierungshilfe für Stoffentwickler), sowie viele weitere Projekte und Services.

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Ein besonderer Schwerpunkt liegt dabei vor allem in der Ausbildung und Betreuung von Mitarbeitern für Kommunikation und PR, vor allem für dialogintensive Webauftritte.


Dramaworks-Gründer und -Geschäftsführer Dr. Michael Esser in einem Vortrag zu den besonderen Leistungen, die Dramaworks im Rahmen eines Konsortiums für das FP7-Forschungsrahmenprogramm bieten kann:

European FP7 grants are very competitive and every point in the evaluation makes a difference.  As coordinator you constantly ask yourself “How can I make my project proposal better and more attractive for the evaluators?”.  Ten years ago it may have been enough to have a good idea and a good consortium to secure EU funding for your project.  Today the competition is so strong between very good projects that every half point in the expert evaluators’ score can make a difference between being very good and being funded.  One of the most important elements in the project evaluation is Dissemination.  The European Commission does not only want you to carry out a good project, they want others to know about it.  Information about the project should reach all stakeholders and potential users, including end users, lead users, public authorities, the research community, the private sector and the general public.  That is why an excellent dissemination strategy can make the difference between getting only a good score and getting funded.The German SME Dramaworks, based in Berlin, specializes in innovative content creation and dissemination.  We have written some of the most successful and award-winning television series and mobile content series in Europe, including ‘Verliebt in Berlin’ and ‘Nina’s Welt’, and we specialize in FP7 project dissemination.  We participated in FP7 projects and our experts have also over ten years experience as FP5, FP6 and FP7 Expert Evaluators for the EU Commission, and have reviewed hundreds of FP proposals.  We regularly take part in the discussion process for new Calls formulation.
Sit back and concentrate on your project, knowing that the dissemination Work Package (WP) is carried out by the leading experts in the field.  We provide all the text needed for the writing of the dissemination WP in the project application.
In disseminating an FP7 project we use a wide range of traditional and new medias, as well as social networks and specialized tools.  Your project will be present where it will get maximum exposure to the relevant audiences.  Dissemination is the ‘Achiles Heel’ of many FP7 projects, which only create a boring website and print some leaflets for conferences or exhibitions.  We, on the other hand, work with creativity and imagination to create project presence on the web and in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Xing, Flixter, Flickr and Google+, as well as many specialized and topical social networks and web forums.  We create the content to present your project effectively at the relevant conferences, EU events, exhibitions, trade shows, and end users.  Being part of CinePlus, Germany’s leading media service provider, ensures that we have access to over 300 specialists in all aspects of media and content production and dissemination.  We also maintain strict data protection, personal privacy and ethical policies for all dissemination activities, ensuring compliance with EU regulations and directives.  Our team is gender-balanced, young and tremendously creative.

In the project application, you need a partner who will deal with dissemination.  Many projects fell below the threshold because they had a weak dissemination strategy.  Having Dramaworks in your consortium show the reviewers that you are serious about dissemination and will give you that extra point or half point in the review, which can make the difference between being only very good and actually getting funded.
We are interested in becoming partners in your consortium.  (There is no cost to the consortium until the project is funded).  Please contact us to discuss this further.

Dr. Michael Esser